A Radiation Treatment / End to End in 30 Seconds Captured on Video #fuckcancer #radiation

Today marks my 29th radiation treatment. It went exactly like the rest.

  • Arrive to awesome valet
  • Check in
  • Head to “Gowning” to change into my beautiful surgical gown
  • Wait a few minutes and chat with the other inmates
  • Get called
  • Head back give them my birthday
  • Lay down
  • Get zapped
  • Get up
  • Leave

Except today I snuck my fancy new iPhone in for a time lapse

I also realize that I’ve never actually seen this machine at work as I’ve been strapped on this table with this lovely mask.

So here it is. It’s really pretty cool.

[wpvideo jdscFHHq ]

This one machine does this 30 times per day. Saving 30 people.


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  1. Deani Zarrehparvar
    Deani Zarrehparvar says:

    you should write a book – i think you missed your calling – you are quite clever – and crafty 🙂

    and i thought it was tomorrow…

    glad it’s over!




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