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A “goal” or a “decision”?

I hate the word “goals”.  Mainly because it gives you a way out.   Most of our “goals” are achievable and the steps are known if we just make “decisions” about the actions we are going to take.  Stop eating crap, find a better job, start the business, go to the gym, do the thing, […]

How are you “feeling”?

Oh, just fine. I’m “great”, just awesome. Thank you so much for asking. The question is genuine, but the answer isn’t. I’m not “great”, I’m something else which I can’t describe. It’s been almost a year since I completed radiation treatment and the facts are, I am feeling anything but “great”. I feel exhausted. It […]

360 degrees in 365 days

Last week I turned 55. One year ago to the day today, I was facing a really ugly tumor. Let’s just say this last year is amazing grace. I just got back from backpacking in the mountains of Colorado with some inspiring friends. To have the strength to do this is indeed a miracle. A […]

Harvesting Crops During Cancer

Last year, I pretty much took six months “off” to get well. And guess what, my business actually “grew” during this time. I have been somewhat baffled by this phenomenon, as I have been pre-programmed to think that effort=results. Well, it turns out I was only partly right. Over the years I seem to have […]

Caring for your Caregivers, Even the Money Ones….

Everybody is constantly complaining about their insurance companies. I’ve posted many times about Medi-share and our experience there. I thought I would share this internal employee newsletter where they featured my story with their employees. I think it’s important to remember the team of people behind you when you get hit with something, in my […]