Being Served

Serving others means being served sometimes

A friend of mine recently died of cancer.  The really horrible kind.  It was painful, painful for him and painful for his family.   He was being served in a big way by his church (our old church) and finally took a moment to talk about it.  I listened to his testimony and thought wow, how strong.  Who would have known just a few weeks later, I’d be in a similar boat.

The difference for me is MY cancer isn’t normally fatal.  And that’s just luck quite frankly.   Only by the will of God I am here.

The ONLY reason I am here is HE wants me to be.

If that’s not a wake-up call, I don’t know what is.

Tiff’s Treats Show Up

I didn’t like high school mostly because I was an insecure dweeb.   It wasn’t high school’s fault. But I don’t really like to think about it much.  I have a few friends from that time that I keep up with, but frankly, I’d be happy forgetting about a lot of it.  Don’t get me wrong, all in all, I had a great experience. But, I was happy to move on when the time came.

I decided to post this story on Facebook – mostly just to update my friends.  It’s a super-efficient way to keep people up to date. I received literally hundreds of messages, from old friends, current friends, customers, employees, pastors, etc.   It was nice.

But one friend caught me off guard.   She sent us a bouquet of cookies from “Tiff’s Treats” which are basically cookies from heaven.    

But frankly, I haven’t seen her in decades.   And I gotta tell you this put me over the edge.  I sat in my car and cried like a baby that someone from a part of my life that I wanted to forget cared enough to send this to me.   How selfish of me to not embrace that history in my life…

Yea anyway, she’s been so sweet – along with everybody, but this one got to me.  Thanks, you know who you are. More gifts, friends from decades-long forgotten. Yet again, I did NOTHING to deserve this kindness.

The Wingmen

Wingmen is a Christian men’s organization founded by three-time Superbowl champion and Dallas Cowboy Chad Hennings.    The organization is designed to allow men to connect in a Christian environment and support each other. My “element group” is about 10-12 men and they have been amazing through all this.   

My good friend Dick Siler is sort of the prayer warrior here.  He keeps everyone up to date and I’m constantly bombarded by texts and phone calls from these “brothers”.    This is such a great example of who you hang with defines who you are. These are my colleagues, friends and “brothers”.    Who knows where this would be without the group’s prayers and support.

If you are uncomfortable being served.  Get comfortable.  It’s a cycle.

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