Have you ever seen your own brain? I have.

2nd Surgery

We moved quickly to the second surgery.  It seemed like an almost duplicate of the first just two weeks earlier.  Except for this time, for some reason, I stayed awake all the way into the operating table.  I was able to glimpse some of the “tools” Dr. Marple will be using to conduct this surgery.  They looked like spoons, hooks, forks all with really long handles.

OK, put me out. Now.

By all measures, the surgery went well.  What I was unaware of was exactly how “deep” they were going.  They essentially removed an entire piece of my skull at the top of my sinus.   Now that made for an interesting headache.

On a follow-up visit, a second doctor scoped the area and actually showed Mary and I my brain pulsating at the top of this hole.   Cool. Now how many people you know can say that they have seen their own brain?   

My comment to my wife, “See, I really have one”.  Her response, “Well now there’s no excuse”.   Nice.

This surgery was a harder recovery, but it’s been consistent and I am feeling better every day.


My surgeries were performed at one of the smaller hospitals in the UTSW system. That said there are alot of nurses and people working.  In fact, it’s overwhelming. After the first surgery, our nurse was “Julie”, who was super nice. She helped make sure I was ready for the trip home and checked off all the tasks before I could be released.  She called the next day and that was that.

Oddly, on the second surgery, we had Julie again.  Out of dozens of nurses, what are the chances? Anyway, we got to talking and she is clearly a “Christian” and we opened a conversation with my daughter about the miracle of life and the human body.   She used the opportunity to describe it all as God’s work and we went on to pray together.    

It was really special.   I found her on facebook and I hope that we remain connected.

I did say to her, “don’t get yourself fired”, she just laughed and said, “I’m old and not afraid of that”.  She was definitely an angel that day.


Sally is Dr. Marple’s assistant.  To say she is a formidable woman is an understatement.  She manages his schedule, answers questions, prepares patients, etc.  She is incredibly competent and kind.   

Honestly, when I first met her she was a little intimidating, but as this has evolved I appreciate her more and more every interaction.   Her attention and care has made a huge difference.  Another angel in the mix.  

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