I was grumpy yesterday. But ice cream makes it better.

Radiation treatment feels like Groundhog Day. And you are the groundhog.

I was grumpy yesterday.

I yelled at my dog.

I was upset about some issues at our house.

I was irritated by a client.

I cranked at my wife.

I wanted to be with my friends on a long planned trip that I canceled.

My eyes hurt. My nose hurt. I’m tired and don’t have the strength and stamina I expect of myself.

But I still got calls and checked on from friends. My dog still loves me. And my wife was sweet to me. I know things are easy for me relative to other people.

Yet why do I choose today to look at the negative? I’ve been staying pretty positive. I guess it’s really pretty simple.

We’re human. It’s ok to be grumpy sometimes. Just remember you are loved no matter what.

And get some ice cream. It made me feel better even if I couldn’t taste it.

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