Initial Consultation

I met initially with Dr. Bradley Marple, a seasoned surgeon who knows his stuff.   We reviewed the scans and he informs me we will become very good friends over a period of years.   That this condition has a high recurrence rate and we will be staying in a monitoring pattern for years to come.   I mean, the guy was cool and I liked him, but this wasn’t exactly a social visit.  

What matters is Dr. Marple knows his stuff.  He concurs that this is a “non cancerous” tumor.  Relief. We schedule the surgery for about 4 weeks.   

In a pathetic appeal, I ask his assistant his assistant Sally if there’s any way to do it earlier. She literally laughed…these guys are in demand.  I get it. But she got the message. I wasn’t sleeping at this point and the tumor was preventing sleep and was really uncomfortable. She upped the date by two weeks.  Sally is my new best friend.

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