Is cutting off Cuba the answer?

Mary and I had the privilege of visiting Cuba last year … I really don’t understand the threat to the US here….these people are so poor and so behind the rest of the world. We are the strongest nation…this just feels wrong. But, alot has felt wrong in the last few years.

I think today the threat of Russian infiltration is very low. It’s also clear from the Infrastructure in Cuba that there has been no investment for 50+ years. Right now Cuba has been left out to dry and unsupported by their traditional backers. The new seems to want to move forward.

What concerns me is the extreme poverty and lack of essentials just nearby. To me, desperately poor people can be just as scary as those with guns.

I’ve been all over the world. Making our enemies want a Starbucks and not shoot us seems to be working better than anyone ever would have expected. Let people have a good life and live their dream.

Cutting Cuba off again after so much recent progress is what feels wrong.
 — in Cienfuegos, Cuba.



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