Gratitude in the Age of Entitlement

I received notice today that our Health Sharing Ministry Christian Medi-Share had approved a $55000 bill from UT Southwestern for the first phase of my radiation treatments

What this means is my expense will now be shared with Medi-Share’s 200,000 members.

Medi-Share is NOT insurance. It’s a sharing ministry. I pay to support others and they pay to support me when we all need it.

None of us is as strong as all of us.

I can’t imagine a better example of this. As of today I estimate my total cost on this cancer journey to be well in excess of $100,000. Between wacky provider pricing, discounts etc you literally have NO IDEA what you’ve signed up for when you really need care. It’s so messed up.

When I checked in for surgery I asked “how much is this going to cost”? The answer was “would you like to speak with a financial counselor?” Oh and please sign this form accepting full responsibility for yet undefined and un-described liability.

Thank you sir now you can proceed to this life saving surgery that you need.

Wait! What have I signed up for? I have no idea. Would you buy a house for some unknown cost? A car? Anything? Nope. Yet this is exactly what we do now when we get healthcare under duress.

All I can say is thanks be to God for the protective layer of insurance and medical sharing ministries like Medi-Share.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Philippians 4:6

I am so grateful I don’t know where to start. Maybe I’ll start with tomorrow.

What is an “investment in yourself” worth?

We “Invest” in ourselves constantly.

Except we think about it like this…we “invest” in a gym membership, a nice house, a savings account etc.

Jay Z was just named the first hip-hop billionaire.   Rock on Shawn.

Here’s the difference.  He knows enough to invest in himself and RETAINS the rights of what he builds.

If you are working for someone else, either as a consultant, employee or an investor – you really don’t have the rights to your work…someone else does.  If you have value, then you can make a huge difference in your future self by honoring what you are contributing and not giving it away for free or a low value.

I had a colleague once told me that even though he was the CEO of a global company, he still does many critical negotiations himself.  He said that’s the only part of his business where he can make $1,000,000 (or more) an hour.

To paraphrase one of his lines, Jay-Z became a check writer instead of a royalty receiver. This is how you bring your worth. This is how you become a billionaire.

But first, you have to know that your work is worth defending. Jay-Z evidently does.

From Inc. Magazine