UT Southwestern

Having lived my whole life in Dallas-Fort Worth, I have been “aware” of UT Southwestern, but not really knowledgeable about it.  I knew it was big, one and the largest hospitals in town and the best doctors seem to come from the school there.

When my “Local” ENT told me he was referring me to UTSW, I was surprised.  He went further, he pointed me to the otolaryngology department there, which has over 30 doctors that specialize in these types of things.   He referred me to the department head. A veteran surgeon and has performed “thousands” of these surgeries over 27 years.  

OK, that’s my guy.    He went on to explain that at UTSW, since the tumor was so close to my eye and brain, UTSW can have specialists in the operating room in minutes.     Excellent.

All I can say is wow.  This place is incredible.  From the second I arrived, the care has been off the chart.    The place is enormous, with many buildings to navigate and departments, but they are all working together very well for me.   Right down to the way the staff greet you when you arrive.

I can’t help but feel grateful to have access to such tremendous care.   First off, you require a referral even to get an appointment. Second, I have the financial resources and cost risk in place to deal with it.   It’s also a huge reason to stay in a city like Dallas. I keep thinking, I could be stuck in some small town in Wyoming, hundreds of miles away from average care.  Here, I am 20 minutes from world-class.

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